PlanetPalz at CNFTcon 2022

PlanetPalz @ Las Vegas, Nevada

PlanetPalz attended CNFTcon 2022 in Las Vegas, Nevada. We had a blast! The exhibit hall was full of people and we met a lot of new friends and PlanetPalz holders. We also received great feedback on our game demo and trailer video. By the end of it all, we were exhausted but happy with how everything turned out.

Set-up for the booth was done early on Friday so we could get a feel for how things were going to be as people arrived. A lot of people came by and we talked about the game, artwork and project overall. We also talked about the Founder’s Packs. There was quite a bit of excitement around both this and the game itself!

We had a lot of people who came over to play the game, and we were really happy with how it went. We put up a trailer video and a demo for the game to show off our progress, and it was easy for us to set up because all we needed was a TV screen and some chairs. The folks who played liked the demo so much that they we’re extremely excited for the release! It seemed like everyone had fun playing around in our booth.

The CNFTcon 2022 event was a smashing success, with both the game and trailer video generating a highly positive reaction from attendees. The alpha build of PlanetPalz had been over-delivered on almost every expectation.

And of course who would forget our world famous Spinning Wheel? Attendees had a chance to win free Galaxy Materials with every spin. Even Alessandro | BERRY (@berry_ales) came by and spun himself.

Even the kids loved the game. People loved the artwork and style. Everyone was super impressed

Everyone was super impressed with the artwork and style of this game. I know that’s a bold statement, but wow! The artwork and style were just so amazing. Kids loved it too! They thought it was a good game, and they also thought it was fun to play as well.

What makes this game really special is how much care went into making sure that every single detail in each level is perfect. The music is amazing! It sounds like something out of an epic movie soundtrack or something you would hear on the radio while riding around in your car listening to your favorite song (and maybe singing along).

The demo was a big hit. People were impressed with the demo. Many people who came to visit us were mostly interested in Planetpalz, but we were surprised that so many of them stayed for a long time in our booth. After the presentation, they all asked questions about PlanetPalz and how to get it for themselves or their kids.

We had a great time showing off our game design process and watching people play it! We want to expand PlanetPalz to not just the NFT community but to a wider audience.

We’d like to thank everyone who played PlanetPalz at CNFTcon 2022! You’re all awesome people!

Charles Hoskinson, CEO, Speaker, Visionary

We watched Charles Hoskinson speak on stage about his hopes for the future of Cardano. The crypto community is one that can often feel like it’s standing on a precipice: there’s so much wonderful potential, and yet so much uncertainty. Watching Charles share his vision for Cardano was a reminder of how important it is to have people who are passionate about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency — people who want to see it succeed.

Looking forward to next year’s con. This year was a really good year for CNFTCON to show off the project. We hope (and expect) next year’s con to be EVEN better.

We finally got to see all of our hard work come together at CNFTCON. Thanks to everyone who came out, as well as those who helped make it happen! We’re looking forward to next year’s con!



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